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Ocho Rios 

Ocho Rios is a gorgeous area of Jamaica, which runs along the side of the mountain, making for many wonderful waterfall experiences.  Once a quiet fishing village, Ocho Rios contains the most popular and a multitude of options for your visit.  

This is a great place for an escorted market tour or a walking tour to experience the tastes of Jamaica.  Try lunch at Scotchies, one of the most famous places to get our locally famous jerk chicken.  If Scotchies isn't your preference, you can try Margaritaville, since it's 5 o'clock somewhere.  

'Ochi' Tours

The Blue Hole

The Blue hole is an area with secluded and relatively untouched falls located in the hills of Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  Its best feature is probably that it is not commercialized in any way.  Everyone who visits The Blue Hole raves about its beauty and serenity.

Dunn's River Falls

Jamaica's #1 tourist attraction is Dunn's River Falls.  This waterfall is 55 meters (180 feet tall) and 180 meters (600 feet long).  It is a rush climbing up this gorgeous natural waterfall.  A guide will be with you along the way to ensure you make it up the falls safely and a videographer comes along in case you would like to purchase media of your journey once you have reached the top.  

Shaw Park Garden​ 

At Shaw Park Gardens and Waterfalls, you get to experience the beautiful tropical flora that Jamaica has to offer, along with a gorgeous waterfall cascading through this amazing park. The elevation of this park provides a breathtaking view of Ocho Rios below.  

Fern Gully

Fern Gully is a road running through a tunnel of ferns and foliage.  A gorgeous ride through the lush valley of Jamaica, which runs several miles, starting in Ocho Rios. This is a great route to take when visiting Nine Mile. 

Nine Mile Tour​ 

Nine Mile is where Bob Marley was raised and where his body was placed to rest.  You can visit the home he grew up in, see the one bedroom room he speaks of in his songs, view his mausoleum and the mausoleum of his mother, Cedella Booker.

This is a must visit for any Bob Marley fan and Marvyn's Paradise Tours can get you there.

Green Grotto Caverns

These caves are an amazing place to explore, which were once used by the Arawak Indians, the Spanish used it to hide when the British invaded in 1655, then later used by escaped slaves, more recently used in the James Bond film Live and Let die.  

If you want to explore this amazing network of caves and enjoy the natural beauty of our island, get hold of us today.  

Konoko Falls 

Overlooking Ocho Rios is a site once used by the Taino Indians and today has a gorgeous waterfall to climb, museum and a small zoo.  

Horseback Riding 

Their are great horseback riding opportunities throughout our beautiful island.  Enjoy your ride as your guide takes you down the scenic trails.  Many of the horseback adventures include taking your horse into the beautiful Caribbean sea.  

A horseback ride is a great way to get amazing views of Jamaica, no matter where you are coming from in Jamaica.

Dolphin Cove​ 

Have you always dreamed about swimming with dolphins?  Let us help make that dream come true.  You can have an encounter with dolphins in knee deep water or go with their best package which allows you to have an amazing experience in the water with your new dolphin friends. 

Dolphin Cove has several locations along the northern coast of Jamaica, making it convenient no matter if you are staying in Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios or any where in between.  Some locations even offer experiences that include sharks and/or sting rays.  Marvyn's Paradise Tours can get you there.

Jamaica Zipline Adventure

We have amazing zip line experiences all over our island.  Experience the longest zip line in Jamaica, the inter-parish zipline, which is located conveniently between Negril and Montego Bay.  You can experience zip lining over our beautiful waterfalls at YS Falls on our south coast and across Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios.  

River Tubing

These are amazing guided river tubing experiences from either calm and relaxing to mildly moderate rapids.  River tubing is available in several locations throughout Jamaica, including the Martha Brae River, Rio Bueno River and the White River.  

ATV Tours​ 

Who's ready to go on an exciting adventure on an ATV?  ATV Tours are an amazing way to see the island of Jamaica while making it a fun adventure.   Travel through the Jamaican countryside, ride up rugged hills, have a day to remember. 


ATV tours are available at many locations throughout Jamaica.

Bamboo Raft​ 

These rafts made of bamboo were once used to transport bananas down the river.  That was until actor, Errol Flynn, found how nice it was to take these for a ride.  Today they are equipped with seats for your comfort as  your guide directs the bamboo raft down the river with a long bamboo pole.  


Bamboo rafting is available in many areas in Jamaica, including the Martha Brae River, White River and Rio Grande River.  Let us know and we can help you experience this amazing, picturesque experience that you will be talking about for a long time.

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