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Port Antonio

Far from the hustle of the large resort complexes, Port Antonio allows you to experience the natural beauty or our island with the backdrop of John Crow and Blue Mountains.  Discover where Jamaica's famous jerk seasoned food originated or travel down the Rio Grande on a bamboo raft, no matter where your adventure takes you, we can get you there.

Port Antonio Tours

Somerset Falls


This is a gorgeous waterfall which is accessed through a boat trip up Daniels River.  This is smaller than other waterfall attractions in the area, but with it being hidden and with the gorgeous surroundings these falls offer, you will be glad you discovered this hidden attraction.   Get hold of us today to book your journey.  

Frenchman Cove Beach


Just east of Port Antonio, surrounded by lush vegetation, forest, and rocky cliffs, this beach located on a 42 acre property, offers food and drinks.  If you are looking to escape, but still stay connected, this beach even provides wifi.  

If you are a beach person, this beach cannot be missed.  Get hold of us today to book your journey.  

The Blue Lagoon


This beautiful swimming spot was once called "The Blue Hole", but was later renamed after the filming of the movie "The Blue Lagoon" at the gorgeous location.  The Blue Lagoon was once considered bottomless, but is now known to be approximately 55 meters (180 feet) deep.  

If you want to experience this amazing location, get hold of us to make this trip a reality.  

Boston Jerk

This is a foodies paradise with several Jerk vendors set up around 7 jerk pits to get your fill of jerk foods.  On top of this, you have vendors selling fresh juices, as well as jewelry vendors.  This authentic Jamaican experience will fill you up and is as easy as getting hold of Marvyn's Paradise Tours.

Horseback Riding 

Their are great horseback riding opportunities throughout our beautiful island.  Enjoy your ride as your guide takes you down the scenic trails.  Many of the horseback adventures include taking your horse into the beautiful Caribbean sea.  

A horseback ride is a great way to get amazing views of Jamaica.  No matter where you are coming from in Jamaica, we can get you there. 

Bamboo Raft​ 

These rafts made of bamboo were once used to transport bananas down the river.  That was until actor, Errol Flynn, found how nice it was to take these for a ride.  Today they are equipped with seats for your comfort as  your guide directs the bamboo raft down the river with a long bamboo pole.  


Bamboo rafting is available in many areas in Jamaica, including the Martha Brae River, White River and Rio Grande River.  Let us know and we can help you experience this amazing, picturesque experience that you will be talking about for a long time.

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