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South Coast

The south coast of Jamaica is a lush remote tropical escape, where instead of the lines of resorts, you have fishing villages.  Their is only one major resort in this area, which is Sandals South Coast.  This area of Jamaica lets you see the natural beauty of our island and some very unique experiences, such as the Black River Cruise or Floyd's Pelican Bar.

Although this area is remote, the beautiful options in this area can be reached from Montego Bay or Negril.  It can run about an hour and a half  from Montego Bay or Negril, so we recommend choosing a couple options and making a day of it.  The great thing about Marvyn's Paradise Tours is that you can choose what options are combined and they are not pre-set for you as some other tour providers do.  

If you are staying on the South Coast, make sure to check the options in Negril.  Some tours in Montego Bay can become further away, however let us know what you would like to do and we can advise.  

We do not recommend this location for our cruise ship visitors due to the distance from the port.  

South Coast Tours

YS Falls

This journey starts on your ride through the green pastures to lead you back to the beautiful falls.  Here you have seven falls to enjoy, as well as a natural river pool and another standard swimming pool you can enjoy.  If you want to expand on your time here, zip line is also an option.  

You just need to contact us if you want to experience the natural beauty that YS Falls provides.

Floyd's Pelican Bar

Floyd's Pelican Bar is truly a unique Jamaican experience.  A bar that is built on a sand bar out in the sea.  You will need to take a boat to get to this bar that is made of drift wood.  Many will have their name carved into the dock or building of this bar as a memory of their visit.  

If you want to experience this unique bar, we can get you there.  

Appleton Rum Tour

Are you a fan of the world famous Appleton Rum?  Marvn's Paradise Tours can take you to the factory where this amazing spirit made from sugar cane is produced.  Take this guided tour on the history and production of rum, then follow that up with a rum tasting.  Don't miss out on this experience.  

Black River Cruise

Take a cruise down the black river and see the beautiful foliage that surrounds Jamaica's longest river, which is also filled with crocodiles.  Your captain of the cruise will tell you all about this beautiful landscape, while enticing the crocodiles to come up for a closer view.  

This is a great excursion and is even better when you are taken there by Marvyn's Paradise Tours.   

Horseback Riding 

Their are great horseback riding opportunities throughout our beautiful island.  Enjoy your ride as your guide takes you down the scenic trails.  Many of the horseback adventures include taking your horse into the beautiful Caribbean sea.  

A horseback ride is a great way to get amazing views of Jamaica.  No matter where you are coming from in Jamaica, we can get you there. 

Jamaica Zipline Adventure


We have amazing zip line experiences all over our island.  Experience the longest zip line in Jamaica, the inter-parish zipline, which is located conveniently between Negril and Montego Bay.  You can experience zip lining over our beautiful waterfalls at YS Falls on our south coast and across Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios.  

Let us help you get to your zip line adventure.  

ATV Tours​ 

Who's ready to go on an exciting adventure on an ATV?  ATV Tours are an amazing way to see the island of Jamaica while making it a fun adventure.   Travel through the Jamaican countryside, ride up rugged hills, have a day to remember. 


ATV tours are available at many locations throughout Jamaica, so no matter where you may be coming from, Marvyn's Paradise Tours can get you there.

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